5 Simple Ways To Cover Up Your Tattoo!

There could be many reasons why you may want to hide a tattoo. This could be related to a job interview, or maybe, the tattoo doesn’t mean much to you anymore. In this post, we are sharing some incredible tips on how to cover up for a tattoo, both temporary and permanently.

  • Makeup. If you want to hide your tattoo for just a day, consider using makeup. Basic skin color foundation or concealer should do the trick, but make sure to use a setting spray to set the makeup in place. This is the best way to cover up your ring tattoo, or any small tattoo. There are also makeup products designed for covering tattoos, which can be considered.
  • Get it redesigned. As long as you have a known and experienced tattoo artist, repurposing an existing tattoo doesn’t have to be complicated at all. This is the best possible permanent solution, but don’t compromise on the artist and artwork. Decide well in advance as the tattoo will be redesigned.
  • Go for laser tattoo removal treatment. Another permanent way to remove or hide a tattoo is to go for a laser treatment. Laser can help you lighten the tattoo, but again, select a really good clinic for the treatment, because gone wrong, you may have a second problem to worry about.

  • Wear jewelry. For ring tattoos and designs on the neck, jewelry can help you hide it for specific needs. Just make sure that you pick jewelry that sits at the right place, and no one needs to see your tattoo. Chunky bracelets, neckpieces, and rings can be purchased for really cheap prices in flea markets.
  • Try a bandage. When it comes to finding a cheap and quick solution to hiding a tattoo temporarily, the plain old bandage can come in handy. You can always makeup a story on why you got ‘hurt’.

It is okay to not want a tattoo that once meant the world to you. Sometimes, we just don’t want certain people to know about the design, or sometimes, the artwork may be offensive in some areas, cities, or locations, because of local beliefs. If you want to get rid of an existing tattoo completely, there are many studios that can help in covering up, either through laser or by adding artwork, so that original design is not visible.

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