Are You A True Church Member: 5 Tests To Know

We all know that our Lord Jesus Christ has told us how to recognize true Christians, but many people confuse themselves when applying these tests even though they believe in God’s word. So here I will give you 5 tests, so your knowledge about River Pointe Church members becomes more accurate. Take this quiz and see if you pass or fail!

Church Membership Test #01: Do you take care of your own needs?

There are several reasons why we should not neglect taking good care of our physical selves.

First, God Himself made us, and we belong to Him.

Second, if Christians do not look after their own bodies, they will find it difficult to serve and benefit the Church. If we neglect ourselves, how can we help others?

Finally, if believers do not look after their health and well-being with all diligence, this might lead them into temptation.

Church Membership Test #02: Do you regularly attend Church services?

We should go to Church as often as possible because God’s word is proclaimed there every week; the gospel is preached, and priests offer sacrifices for our sins through Christ’s death on the Cross at each service.

Those who are Christians but fail to attend Sunday services regularly may lose out on encouragement and spiritual guidance that could keep them on the path to God.

Church Membership Test #03: Do you pray in Church?

Praying is very important for Christians because it helps us stay close to God and focus on Him rather than our problems, anxieties, or temptations.

There are many reasons why we should do this; praying during services allows believers to express their love towards Jesus Christ and thank Him publicly.

Church Membership Test #04: How often do you talk about Church instead of personal matters?

A true Christian will be aware that they are part of a bigger Church community and not just the members of their own families.

Believers should try to keep conversations about themselves to an absolute minimum but spend time talking about how God has worked in others’ lives; we can learn from each other’s experiences and grow spiritually as well.

Church Membership Test #05: Do you read what is written on the board?

The purpose behind writing things down is so that people remember them better than if they had merely been spoken- this applies to Christian teachings too!


The Church is very important for Christians. Therefore, we should attend Church regularly and be involved in our communities’ churches. However, the true test of whether we are a true church member or not is if we follow His path or not.

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