Best Activities to Develop Vocabulary Skills Among Children

Learning a good vocabulary helps individuals navigate their lives in a better way. Humans need to have a  suitable vocabulary and knowledge of  how to use words when they communicate with others. Without an appropriate vocabulary, the words they use might lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication. Therefore, a proper vocabulary must be developed by people. Kids especially, start picking up words from an early age by listening to their parents and other people around them. Therefore, you should inculcate good vocabulary skills among children so that they can read, write and speak fluently. Once kids are acquainted with the  alphabet, you should focus on teaching them words so that they can speak confidently.

There is no particular method of teaching vocabulary that is mandatory for kids. Having said that, you need to focus on engaging them in activities that can grab their attention and make them learn new words. You need to work in a strategic way keeping your child’s needs and interests in mind. You also need to make sure that the techniques you adopt should engage kids for longer periods of time. Without this, there are chances that young children can disengage themselves from learning words. To teach A to Z words for kids, you need to explore the list of words that are age appropriate and easy to pronounce.

Teaching words has to be extremely fun for kids in order to improve their retention power. Any activity or game that has simple instructions, interaction, exploration, curiosity, etc., will make kids more interested in learning. To enhance their learning experience, you can explore the following activities that can help you in teaching vocabulary words to kids.

Engaging Activities To Teach Vocabulary Words

Given below is a list of activities for kids to learn vocabulary words:

  • Pictionary: This is one of the coolest games to learn vocabulary words. Here, you make two groups of children, and ask one kid from each group to come forward and draw an image for the word assigned to them. The rule is that they cannot speak, but only use a board or paper to draw an image depicting the given word. The other team members have to guess the word illustrated on the board. If they are successful in guessing the word, points will be awarded.
  • Charades: Kids are very playful in their early learning phase. Therefore, teaching words with the help of games would definitely draw their attention. So, you can plan this wonderful game, where kids enact the words assigned to them. They act the word in front of their team members so that they can guess the words within the given time-frame. If they are successful in guessing the word, points are awarded. The game continues until the winner is declared based on the number of correct answers.
  • Flashcards: Anything visual attracts kids to learn new things. Therefore, you can incorporate their interest in teaching new vocabulary words. Create flashcards for the words from A to Z with only an image. For example, Apple, Ball, Zebra, Zip, Zoo, etc. Now, you can show the image to the kids and ask them to tell the word that represents the image. With this, kids will not only learn new words but also understand what it really means.

Benefits of Learning Vocabulary Words

There are incredible advantages to learning vocabulary words. It enhances individuals’ personality and confidence to express themselves without hesitation. These words for kids will enable them to develop essential skills required for their personality development. Some of the benefits of learning these words are mentioned below:

  • Develops language skills.
  • Enables expression of ideas and thoughts.
  • Develops reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • Builds confidence and motivation to learn something new.

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