First Time In Seattle: Things To See And Explore!

Seattle is among the most visited cities in Washington, and while Hollywood has made it popular in many ways, there is a charm about this city that’s hard to ignore. From the beaches and parks, to the incredibly growing coffee culture, the iconic Space Needle, awesome beach food, and gambling, there is something for everyone in Seattle. In fact, it is close to some of the iconic places and destinations of Washington, such as Snohomish County, Everett, so you can plan many day-trips from here. In this post, we are sharing more on things to see and explore on your first trip!

Olympic Sculpture Park and Space Needle

Both are close by, and you cannot miss these two attractions in this city. Access to Olympic Sculpture Park is entirely free, and from Space Needle, you can take some of the best Pinterest-worthy pictures of the city. Make sure that you have at least half a day or more to explore both in detail.

Pike Place Market

If you are a foodie, Pike Place Market should be on top of your list. Known for numerous food stalls, artisan stores, and coffee shops, this is the bustling part of Seattle, where you can enjoy all kinds of seafood. Clams, crabs, salmon – name it, and you will find everything, including fusion places. Half a day here, and you will end up buying a thing or two.

Try gambling

Seattle has some nice casinos, but if you don’t mind driving, you can go to places like Everett that are home to new casino resorts. In fact, the best casino near Seattle is located here, and you can explore a bunch of other offerings, from fine-dine options, bowling, and stay options. Casino resorts have found incredible popularity in Seattle in recent times, and the best ones are tucked away from the busy city rush.

Visit Ballard

If you want to feel the Nordic experience in Seattle, Ballard is where you should be heading to. Coffee culture of Seattle can be explored here, with amazing coffee shops that serve the best of blends. Salmon is one of the many reasons why Norwegians actually came here, and you will love the seafood too.

Now that you know the unique things to do in Seattle, just pack your bags and book your stay. Close to Seattle, the casino resorts offer a nice experience, unlike the standard city hotels.

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