Five Features to Look for when Buying a Refrigerator

The advances in food storage technology have allowed for a lot of refrigeration options. These days, refrigeration is not just about keeping perishables fresh. Purchase a refrigerator has become taxing as consumers get confused with the many features to choose from. Some functions were just extras before but they have become necessities when purchasing a new fridge today.

If you are on the market for a new refrigerator, below are some features to look for:

Door Style

French door fridges such as LFNS22520S have become more and more popular as they make it easier to gain access to food without opening the rest of the fridge. Side-by-side fridges provide the same benefits and offer more space for organisation because of its split sides. The traditional bottom or top freezers also offer conveniences such as quick access to frozen items.

Shelving Options

Sliding shelves are designed to provide easy access to items placed further in the fridge. You only need to pull a shelf in and out to get the food. Also, they can hold tall items such as juice bottles. Some fridges come with adjustable shelves that provide the same benefits as you can get one to make room for other things. Also, they make it easier to see what you are getting. Some shelves can also be spill-proof. They are designed with lips at the end to prevent spillages from getting to the bottom parts.

LED Touch Displays

These displays are integrated into fridges for smart operations. Many modern fridges have Wi-Fi capabilities. They make it possible to adjust temperatures, display photos, organise the fridge, stream music, or access recipes online.

Door Locks and Alarms

These features are especially useful for homes with toddlers and young children. Some refrigerators come with alarm systems that set off when the doors have been open for a long time. It lets you know if a child is playing with your fridge or if the door is left open. By having a lock on the door, you don’t need to fret out over your little ones eating cake without permissions or messing up the fridge.


With full-extension drawers, you can easily access any items inside the fridge. They give you sufficient space for keeping trays of food. Some fridges come with transparent drawers that allow you to see the contents without opening everything. Also, fridge drawers can be climate-controlled that lets you adjust the temperature and humidity of every drawer to suit the cooling needs of the foods you keep in it.

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