Know Are You Suitable Candidate for Dental Implants

Dental Implants have proven to be the perfect process to replace missing teeth of your mouth. It is better than other kind of replacing teeth dental procedures as it lasts longer for years to come and regains your lost loving smile. Moreover, there is no loss of jaw bone as they fully support the jaw to hold the customised teeth.

In the surgical procedure titanium rod is fixed in the jaw bone to act as a support for the replacement teeth to fix properly. It is highly suitable for maintaining oral health as the natural healing process is fast and the tissues surrounding the artificial tooth doesn’t get affected. To known whether you are suitable to have the dental implant done to replace crooked or missing tooth visit the website of poplar dentists like

However, before you think of doing the dental implant, the need to consider whether you are right choice for the implant to work positively is required.

On what factors do the dental implant depends?

  • The bone shouldn’t be thin. People suffering from osteoporosis can’t have the implant process done as it won’t be successful. This is the reason why dentist advice old aged people not to prefer these dental surgical implants. However, if the jaw bone is strong the implants can be best for children as well as for elderly people.
  • Even if your gap in the teeth space is large non need to worry as the implant titanium post doesn’t get loosen like in dentures. However to keep the jaw tissues strong as soon as you miss the original teeth, best to have the dental implantation done by expert dental surgeon.
  • If you have over or under bite it doesn’t affect the implant. However you consult your dentist to check the position of teeth to be replaced is suitable to have the implant fixed in it.

Who are not the right people to have dental implant?

  • Having any other health issues like diabetes or chronic diseases. Even suffering from other dental issues can affect the dental implant process.
  • Pregnant and lactating women can’t have the implant done as the medications may affect pregnancy and won’t be good for their infant.
  • If the charges are over your budget.
  • Not able to find the right dental surgeon.

To enhance the lifespan of the dental implant best to maintain the oral hygiene as advised by dentist.

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