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There are a lot of things you should consider and pay attention to when planning a move. At least from our experience as cheap movers in Toronto, we can tell you that decisions are not always very easy to make. From packing to getting rid of things you no longer use, moving is just a rollercoaster of events that must be carefully planned and prepared. Unfortunately, one very important aspect if often overlooked: the weather conditions. Just think about it: your move is not the same regardless of the temperature, of whether it rains or it’s sunny, on whether there’s ice on the road, etc. Being aware and mindful of how the weather is most likely going to be this season is essential. And if you can follow the weather forecast, even better. This planning will help ease up the day and decrease some of the stress, since you will be prepared for whatever there is to come. Here are some moving tips for all the seasons.


In Canada, the best period time for moving is between April and September. The weather is just about right and people usually have more free time, since the summer holiday is also included. As some of the most popular cheap movers in Toronto, we can tell you that, as much as possible, you should book a July / August move as soon as possible. One year before is not too early. This is because the highest demand of the year is during those months. There is little to sometimes zero availability and flexibility, as well. Moreover, you should expect the prices to go higher due to the increased demand. However, the weather, although maybe sometimes too hot, is still quite bearable and good for a big step like this. Just remember to stay hydrated and avoid spending too much time in the sun.


The temperatures are dropping and people start to forget about the summer heat. And you want to hear the best part? Prices are dropping as well. This is not the most popular time to move, so anything beyond September will not be that busy for your moving companies. So cheap movers in Toronto are just becoming even cheaper. If you are on a budget, this is the best time to move. Just maybe try to schedule the move in advance, as well. Better safe than sorry. Watch out for bad weather. It can influence not only your mood, but also the integrity of your belongings. You will not be able to avoid it unless you are Thor or something, but you can prepare for it properly.


Our absolute favourite is spring. Okay, maybe not the absolute favourite, because it kind of competes with autumn on this. The weather is warmer and the roads are easier to travel on, which makes a lot of people hire cheap movers in Toronto for spring relocations. Not to mention how much people enjoy fresh starts, and spring is just the perfect metaphor for a fresh start. Be mindful of the chance of having increased prices, though, since this period is also quite highly requested by people. You should also be ready for some bad weather. Not snow storms or anything, hopefully, but it does rain quite a lot in spring. Consider this when packing, make sure water cannot damage the most sensitive items. Even if your cheap movers park their truck right in front of the house or building, if the rain is heavy, those drops could seriously damage books and clothes and electronics.


Everyone’s least favourite season for moving, winter is not as bad as it sounds. The chances of hazard are higher and the temperatures way below zero surely don’t make anyone’s life easier. However, your movers will not be that busy during this time. And this means you might find very cheap movers in Toronto available and ready to adapt to your needs. Make sure you are ready for icy roads, snowstorms, and delays caused by snow. It’s not the end of the world, though, so keep a positive vibe about this. It will be over before you realize. And if you choose the right movers in Toronto, they will make your life so much easier just by being very professional and doing things the right way!

If you need this kind of movers, all modesty aside, Let’s Get Moving is one of those companies. We respect our customers and we treat them as family. Regardless of the season, we give our best to make sure they enjoy the smoothest relocation of their life with us. This is how we manage to have over 50,000 customers every year and this is also how we get lifetime friends instead of single-time customers.

So in case you need cheap movers in Toronto, give us a call and let’s talk more!

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