The Best Things To See And Do In Greeneville Tennessee

If you are in Greeneville for work or pleasure, you should take a day off to experience the beauty of this old town of Tennessee. Are you aware that this town was named after Nathanael Greene – the Revolutionary War hero? This town could be a perfect getaway from the maddening city rush for any visitor. From dining at the best restaurants in Greeneville TN, to exploring the small gems that the local people are proud of, the list of to-do and must-see things is huge. Here are some of the fun & cool things worth exploring on a quick trip to Greeneville.

  • Niswonger Performing Arts Center (NPAC). If you are a fan of arts, do make time for NPAC, which is in Historic Downtown Greeneville. A great place for those interested in performing arts, theatre and similar things.
  • Brights Zoo. When traveling with the kids, Brights Zoo is a good place to visit, which is home to more than 90 species of animals and birds. There are also fun animal encounters, which can be a good way to explore wildlife of the region.
  • Capitol Theatre. For those who would want to experience entertainment in the best forms, Capitol Theatre is the place to be. There are 300 seats, and you can find all sorts of events, including classic movie screenings and even concerts.
  • City Garage Car Museum. Explore the unique collection of 40 cars, including some of the most precious models like the 1901 Oldsmobile, at the City Garage Car Museum. The museum opened in 2009 and has been an attraction of the town since then.
  • Brolin & Bailey Co. If you want to take back a few souvenirs, go to the Brolin & Bailey Co, which has a nice collection of jewelry, apparel and gift items. The gift shop includes curated home décor ideas, which are totally worth splurging.

Where to stay in Greeneville?

Greeneville has some amazing hotels, many of which houses some of the best restaurants of the town. We recommend that you check in advance and book your preferred room before arriving here.

Where to eat?

Restaurants are aplenty, depending on what you are looking for. Brumley’s Restaurant & Lounge is a good option, where you can enjoy buffers on Sundays. The good news is most top hotels and restaurants have their websites, so you can check menus and details before stepping in.

Plan your Greeneville trip today!

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